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Dr Carrie Manke Move Your Mountain


With the Help of Dr. Carrie Manke


Dr. Carrie is a published author, national speaker, and visionary life coach dedicated to empowering individuals for personal growth. With her captivating presence and engaging talks, she leaves a lasting impact on diverse audiences.


As an esteemed life coach, Dr. Carrie guides clients toward fulfillment and helps them overcome obstacles, uncover strengths, and create positive change. Her expertise and empathetic approach have empowered countless individuals to live their best lives.

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Dr. Carrie Manke is a Mountain Mover.

And so are you. Let her coach you how.



Dr. Carrie is a visionary life coach dedicated to guiding individuals toward personal and professional fulfillment. With her empathetic approach and wealth of knowledge, she empowers clients to overcome obstacles, discover their innate strengths, and create transformative change in their lives.


Dr. Carrie is an esteemed national speaker known for her captivating presence and empowering messages. With dynamic storytelling and practical strategies, she leaves a lasting impact, inspiring audiences to unlock their full potential and create positive change.

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Finding the light and healing after sexual abuse is possible. In Hope in the Darkness, Dr. Carrie Manke shares her horrific experience with sexual trauma and her journey of recovery. After her assault, she spent the first few years feeling angry, hopeless, fearful, victimized, and powerless. With the help of God, her family and friends, and the courage of other survivors, she began her healing journey.

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