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Hope In The Darkness


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Finding the light and healing after sexual abuse is possible. In this book, I share my horrific experience with sexual trauma and my journey of recovery. After my assault, I spent the first few years feeling angry, hopeless, fearful, victimized, and powerless. I blamed God for letting this happen to me and for the evil that exists in the world. I blamed others for not doing anything to stop this evil.


With the help of God, my family and friends, and the courage of other survivors, I began my healing journey. It was not, and is not, easy, and it includes relapses of anger, hopelessness, and depression as I process the life-changing impact of posttraumatic stress disorder. My sexual assault experience will always be a part of who I am. It has shaped me into the person I am today. With the strength of God and supporters around me, I will continue to grow and live out God's mission for my life. In doing this, I will continue to help others find their light, hope, and healing in the darkness.

Hope In The Darkness



Hope in the Darkness is a raw, tangible, and life gripping autobiography. Carrie connects with the readers by showing that trauma and abuse are survivable. The experiences of healing, purpose, faith, and her connection to her angel are the Lord's redemptive hand. Her vulnerability gives me hope as I face my own trauma. The ways God is using Carrie to heal, help, and love other people are only beginning.

—Erin Salveson


Dr. Carrie Manke's book is inspiring and hopeful. Her story is one that every woman I know fears. As a clinical therapist, I appreciate how she explains the impacts of PTSD and her convoluted process of recovery in real person terms and relatable experiences. Inspiringly, her rape has shaped her in empowering and life-thriving ways. For all of us who fear, we can know that healing and recovery are truly possible.

– Carmen Barnes




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Dr. Carrie Manke is an advanced practice nurse working in a hospital emergency department. She is passionate about advocating for survivors, helping others recover from trauma and PTSD, and ending domestic and sexual abuse. She frequently speaks on these subjects and is available for presentations, lectures, or readings of the book.


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Dr. Carrie Manke

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