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Dr. Carrie is a published author, revered national speaker, and visionary life coach. With an unwavering passion for personal growth and transformation, Dr. Carrie has dedicated her career to equipping with the tools they need to thrive.


Recognized as a national speaker, Dr. Carrie possesses a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences and leave a lasting impact. Her magnetic presence and compelling narratives have graced stages across the nation, captivating listeners with empowering talks that linger long after the applause. Dr. Carrie's speaking engagements have become highly sought-after, as she skillfully combines personal anecdotes, insightful teachings, and practical strategies to help individuals unlock their full potential.


Transcending her accomplishments as an author and speaker, Dr. Carrie emerges as a resilience life coach, illuminating paths towards personal and professional fulfillment. Infused with empathy and guided by intuition, she emboldens countless individuals to navigate their adversities, unearth hidden reservoirs of resilience, and ignite enduring, positive transformation.

Dr Carrie Manke
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“Carrie’s lived experience combined with her depth of knowledge make her an invaluable resource. However, what truly sets her apart is her innate moral compass and profound desire to help others. She is a tremendous gift for those who have experienced trauma and desire to move forward in a healthy way.”

- Jenny Thrasher, CEO, All That We Are

Dr Carrie Manke Book


Dr. Carrie is author of the book Hope in the Darkness: Finding the Light After the Trauma of Rape, available in print and audible on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In her story, she shares about her experience with sexual assault and how it shaped the person she has become today.

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