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Find deeper levels of healing and connection with others through Dr. Carrie’s group coaching. She offers Virtual Trauma Workshops that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and in-person events in San Diego.


In these workshops, Dr. Carrie focuses on a particular topic related to trauma, provides education, activities, and reflection exercises to find healing in areas where you might feel stuck. Participants find connection and community through the power of hearing others share their experiences and healing journey.

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“By incorporating her personal raw experiences into her coaching practice, Dr. Carrie gives others the trust and grace to share as well. This leads to a much deeper connection that allows for faster transformation, healing and change.”

- Katie Donovan, Writer, Speaker, Coach,


Solution-focused individualized coaching to help you find hope and have healing from traumatic experiences that are hindering you from living life to the fullest.

The goal of the coaching program is to address 5 pillars (listed below). Depending on the nature of the Client’s traumatic experiences and whether or not compounding trauma has occurred, the Client may wish to spend more time on a particular pillar. Packages range from 6 to 12 weeks. If the coaching program ends and the Client wishes to continue working through pillars that have not been addressed, the Client may purchase additional sessions with Dr. Carrie. 

Book a FREE breakthrough session with Dr. Carrie to get a taste of what it looks and feels like to start your healing journey!

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1. Triggers/Flashbacks

Triggers and flashbacks accompany any traumatic event, whether the event occurred one time or the trauma was repetitive (repeated). In this pillar, Dr. Carrie will work with you to recognize when triggers and flashbacks arise, how to safely address them, and discuss methods to reduce their power over your life.

2. Anger/Forgiveness

Whether directed at yourself or someone else, anger is an unhealthy emotion that keeps the survivor stuck. This emotion often accompanies the emotions of guilt or shame. In this pillar, Dr. Carrie will teach you what true forgiveness means, what it looks like, and walk you through exercises to release anger from your heart.

3. Guilt/Shame

These emotions show up in every traumatic experience and often keep the survivor from experiencing breakthroughs in healing. Dr. Carrie will assist you in reprogramming the mind surrounding the traumatic experience by inputting logic and finding freedom from guilt and shame.

4. Relationships/Intimacy

Trauma impacts every area of our lives, including relationships with other people. Dr. Carrie will help you identify areas of your life that lack vulnerability and intimacy, and she will coach you on how to safely become more vulnerable with others.

5. Self-Love

This concept is weaved into all the pillars throughout the coaching program but as a final step in the program, you (the Client) and Dr. Carrie will co-create a continued healing plan to sustain the changes made in the program and incorporate self-love into your daily life moving forward.

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