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Dr. Carrie is an esteemed national speaker, renowned for her ability to connect with diverse audiences and make a lasting impact. With her dynamic presence and captivating storytelling, she has graced numerous stages across the country, captivating listeners with engaging and empowering talks focused on resiliency, trauma-informed care, and mental health.


Dr. Carrie's speaking engagements are highly sought-after, as she skillfully combines personal anecdotes, insightful teachings, and practical strategies to help individuals unlock their full potential and navigate their mental health journeys. Dr. Carrie's profound expertise and engaging speaking style make her an exceptional choice as a keynote speaker.

Dr Carrie Manke Speaking

"Best course of the entire conference. Info for my past trauma but also something on how to interact with these types of patients when we have these calls."

- Conference Attendee

"Very knowledgeable and brought forth new information, instead of just reviewing everything, which was great. The best speaker I have heard in years!"

- Conference Attendee

Dr. Carrie inspires and captivates the audience with her vulnerability sharing about her personal experience in the face of trauma, interactive lectures, and dynamic speaking.
Image by Mariah Krafft

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