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"I'm not negative. I'm just a realist."

I used to say this about myself when people pointed out how much I complained.

  • "I'm a realist."

  • "I just want to be prepared for disappointment."

  • "I am simply pointing out the obvious. I'm not complaining."

To be honest, I was a negative person. I complained a lot. I focused on what wasn't working. I thought this made me good at my job. I was responsible for fixing problems so I needed to focus on what wasn't working. However, my entire mindset even outside of work was focused on the bad.

I recently had a conversation with a friend and pointed out all the amazing things God has been doing in my life. I've been blessed with opportunities, finances, relationships, etc. Then it hit me. I have suddenly become a positive person! The circumstances in my life haven't changed that much. Just this last week:

  • I spilled a glass of milk off the kitchen counter and had to move my refrigerator to clean the mess that went everywhere.

  • My dog broke my screen door and I had to call maintenance to fix it.

  • A bird pooped all over my clean car.

  • A friend canceled plans with me last minute and left me hanging.

  • I nearly got hit by a car running a red light.

I still encounter frustrations and set backs, but they don't send me over the edge like they used to. In fact, they barely make a dent in my attitude!

If you find yourself complaining a lot, constantly focusing on the negative things that happen throughout your day, and feel just plain "unlucky" in life, have hope... you can become a positive person too!


  1. You have to want to become a positive person. Some people are content being miserable. It's up to you how much work you want to put into this.

  2. Recognize when you're speaking negatively or complaining and STOP doing it. This may take months if you've spent the majority of your life being negative, but start noticing it and ask others to kindly point it out.

  3. Repeat every day in the mirror: "I'm a positive person." This sounds strange but it honestly worked for me. I started doing this and after 3 months of stating this (supposed) truth over myself, I started becoming that way!

It sounds simple, but ultimately you are in control of your mindset. How do you want to experience life every day? Do you want to find what's wrong with everything or start living with joy and be an infectiously positive person?

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