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When You're in a Funk... Welcome The "Ramifying" Process

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I've been in a funk for 3 days and I just can't seem to get out of it. For me, a funk feels like

  • Low energy and motivation

  • Wanting to lay around all day

  • Not wanting to go to the gym or exercise

  • Not feeling like being around people

  • Brain fog

  • Losing track of time surfing social media and YouTube

Let me first be clear that a funk is different from depression. They share the same symptoms but depression lasts a lot longer than a funk.

I am generally a joyful, motivated person that likes to achieve goals, so when I'm in a funk, it bothers me... A LOT. I start to feel guilty for not getting anything accomplished on my to-do list. This is especially challenging when you're self-employed and don't have set working hours. I start to hear my parents' voices: "You're being lazy. Get off your butt and get something done."

Going to a winery yesterday is when things finally started to shift for me. And it wasn't drinking alcohol that shifted my mindset! As I looked out at the field of grapes, I realized that what I'm going through is simply part of my growth and development process in life. Grapes can grow in almost any condition but do you know what makes the best wine? Grapes that had to grow in tough conditions.

Some of the best wine ever made came from grapes that had to work harder and endure tougher conditions. When the roots have to work harder, “ramifying,” or branching off, to gather nutrients because they are struggling - this is what ends up producing the best fruit to make incredible wine.

How did I get out of this funk?

  1. Recognize I'm in a funk and it's ok to be in a funk. This isn't going to stick around forever and there's probably a reason I'm feeling this way.

  2. Give myself grace! The perpetual cycle of shame for being in a funk and not getting anything done is making me stay in a funk. Giving myself grace and forgiveness is key to getting out of the cycle.

  3. Rest as long as I need to until I feel better. I'm overall just tired from a whirlwind two weeks of life that I didn't expect to happen. I'm emotionally and physically tired so going to the gym every day and pushing my body isn't going to help. I need to rest and that includes eating well and allowing myself time to just sit.

  4. Meditate, pray, and release any feelings of shame and fear. I realized after spending time in prayer that I am fearful of the future. This is a common emotion I experience and it always comes up when I'm feeling insecure, tired, and not giving myself space to rest.

  5. Recognize that breakthrough, growth, and healing is on the other side of this funk. If I'm feeling thrashed around and struggling with external conditions in life right now, then I'm also preparing for some amazing fruit to come out of this.

I want to encourage you that if you feel like you're in a funk, you're not alone. Everyone experiences this at some point in their life, and probably on a regular basis if you're a human!

I hope you found this post inspirational and can give yourself grace. It will pass and in the meantime, be kind to yourself and welcome the ramifying process.

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