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Are you looking for the hole or green tongue?

Whitewater kayaking 101: Where you look is where your boat will go. It took ending up in a hole with my boat upside down a few times for me to learn this lesson.

In kayaking language, a hole is usually a recirculating pool of water that will suck you in and keep you there. The green tongue is water that will flush you downstream. As I glanced down river, I noticed the hole and then quickly redirected my gaze to the green tongue. That's where I wanted to go. As soon as I refocused my attention toward the water that flowed down river I started kayaking better. I gained confidence with each paddle stroke and let the green tongue flush me down the rapids.

As I think longingly back to my kayaking days in MN, I realize this is an analogy for what I'm experiencing in life right now. I've been in a season of grief, constant change, and uncertainty. I just found out yesterday that my uncle died unexpectedly. I've experienced a range of emotions in the last 24 hours - sadness, anger, feeling numb.

I woke up irritable today and started having a pity party. When am I going to get a break from these constant attacks from the enemy? As I backed out of my garage this morning on my way to the gym I noticed my kayak hanging on the wall. It hasn't seen water since moving to San Diego. :( And suddenly God hit me with this lesson - am I looking for the hole or green water?

What you focus on in life determines the outcome of your mood, energy, relationships, and day. I could choose to continue focusing on the holes that keep popping up as I go down the river, which is what the enemy wants me to do. But I'm choosing to focus on the green water - the flow that will continue bringing me down the river to new destinations and experiences.

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